Secondhand takes priority around here: keeping goods in circulation and reusing them is the ideal way to recycle.

That’s but one of their selling points. Old things are  better made and typically more affordable than their contemporary counterparts. And they contain the mysteries of past times and people: in our latest book, Remodelista: The Low-Impact Home, we devoted a chapter to celebrating our 75 favorite vintage household tools and wares, many of them humble hand-me-downs.

Of late, finding what you’re after has become a lot easier. In addition to all of the antiques clearing houses online, a number of design stores have started offering their own hand-picked collections of foraged items. Here are 16 shops worth browsing.


a georgian castleford teapot is \$400 from ponytail of charleston: read about t 17
Above: A Georgian Castleford Teapot is $400 from Ponytail of Charleston: read about the new emporium in A Pop-Up  Poised to Go on the Road.


makié is best known for its standout line of children&#8\2\17;s clothe 18
Above: Makié is best known for its standout line of children’s clothes, but its website and NYC shop on Thompson Street are filled with all sorts of things to admire, including a vintage housewares department. This 1920s French Plate is from a set of nine, sold individually for $120. Take a look at our story on Shop Owner Makié Yanagi’s Charm-Filled Soho Loft.

Erica Tanov

berkeley based designer erica tanov specializes in &#8\2\20;relaxed luxury  19
Above: Berkeley-based designer Erica Tanov specializes in “relaxed luxury for the wardrobe and home.” In addition to showcasing Erica’s own bedding, rugs, and ceramics lines, her shop offers antiques and vintage goods collected by Erica herself. She suggests this Antique French Paper and Wood Box, $180, as a desktop catchall.
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