February’s novelties by &Tradition are designed with comfort and serene tones in mind, allowing each piece’s material and refined silhouette to show through. They will especially please chrome fans, lovers of a good dose of comfort and admirers of wood grain. And, of course, fans of Verner Panton.


A sculptural chair that impresses and definitely lives up to its name – meet Allwood by Anderssen & Voll. The all-wood chair uses traditional craftsmanship techniques and reinterprets them in a modern interior. The Norwegian design duo builds on their respect for nature and the beauty of wood, which stands out nicely thanks to its interesting minimalist curves. The chairs are stackable, and for use in commercial spaces an all-wood trolley can be ordered. The stacked chairs look so nice on it that they definitely don’t have to stand anywhere in a corner.


Unassuming in size but invaluable in features, you’ll love the Halten side table. Both for the ease of handling and the design, which is meticulously detailed, and the beautiful interplay of materials: steel in combination with marble or smoked glass. Which will be your favourite?


Wire stool

Among this year’s new products you will also discover a treasure from the Verner Panton portfolio, the Wire stool. The design of this giant is recognisable in every way – whether through the use of stainless steel, the emphasis on geometry and repeating patterns, or the ingenious magnet that holds the upholstered seat securely in place. The stool or side table balances a stable, stackable design with an airy feel that will work well in any interior style. 



Coffee tables have the power to elevate, decorate or completely transform a space. That’s why Italian designer Luca Nichetto approached the design with the vision of a jeweller setting a precious stone in a metal frame – in the case of the Sett tables, just on a much larger scale. He set slabs of fine marble or glass with captivating patterns in square and rectangular frames. Thanks to their clever anchoring, they appear to float, so their beauty is brought out to the maximum.



The Little Petra armchair, in our company familiarly called a little sheep, is so popular that it has received a higher variant called simply – Petra. Although the backrest is higher and thus resembles more classic armchairs that evoke the feeling of one’s own sanctuary. The seat height has been retained, so you can easily attach the chair to the footstool you have at home from Little Petra, because it fits both. 


Develius Mellow

If you’ve been eyeing up the popular Develius modular sofas for a while, you should take notice. Among the new additions is the Develius Mellow, an even more comfortable and, in a way, more practical version. As the name suggests, the Mellow variant features even softer seating, and the novelty is also a removable cover. 



Another piece to the puzzle of the successful collaboration with Spanish designer Jaime Hayon at &Tradition probably won’t surprise anyone, but what might is the purely Spanish character of the new piece. The Montera lamp was created as a reflection of the country’s temperament, flamboyance and heritage. The name and shape recalls the hat of a matador at a bullfight, yet the lamp does not stand out from the Danish brand’s portfolio or the Scandinavian aesthetic. And it is precisely for these qualities that we like to observe the designer’s work.


Flowerpot VP10

Verner Panton’s iconic lamps are impossible not to love. If you also feel like you still don’t have enough of them, you’ll be happy to hear about a new, smaller version. The hanging Flowerpot VP10 has a diameter of 16 centimetres, which is the size of the portable Flowerpot VP9, for reference. The individual lamps will look nice above a bedside table, for example, but you can also group them together in a flashy-looking chandelier of ten or thirty-one lamps. These in turn are ideal for hallways, lobbies or commercial spaces, where the ingenious design and the number of lamps shine through in all their glory. 


We certainly don’t need to remind you that you can find all the new products in the new products section with the &Tradition brand filter. Take a look at all the variants you can choose from!



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