Zentia, the UK’s market leader in complete ceiling solutions, is excited to announce the official launch of its latest product, the Sonify Wall Absorbers Grid System. Launched today and building on the success of the wider Sonify range, the new gridded wall absorbers promise to elevate creative possibilities in acoustic design.

Zentia set to ease acoustic design with the launch of Sonify Wall Absorbers Grid System

Expanding on Zentia’s commitment to providing architects, interior designers, and outfitters with unparalleled flexibility, the Sonify Wall Absorbers Grid System introduces a mounted grid system for wall absorbers. This innovative approach replaces the traditional method of gluing absorbers to the wall, offering greater design precision and ease of dismounting for convenient access to services.

Zentia set to ease acoustic design with the launch of Sonify Wall Absorbers Grid System

The new Sonify Wall Absorbers Grid System offers several key features and benefits:

  • Vertical Sound Absorption– The grid system enhances sound absorption in a vertical plane, capturing direct sound from conversations and contributing to a comprehensive room solution.
  • Creative Wall Features– Sonify Wall Absorbers can be used to create visually striking wall features by combining multiple panels, forming intricate patterns, and adding colour to complement room styling.
  • Echo Reduction– The product aids in breaking up hard reflective surfaces, minimising echoes within a space for improved acoustic comfort.
  • Design Precision– The grid system allows for precise and customisable placement of panels, empowering designers to create unique and aesthetically pleasing arrangements.
  • Increased Sound Absorption– The introduction of an air gap enhances sound absorption capabilities, ensuring optimal acoustic performance in diverse environments.
  • Ease of Dismounting– The grid system facilitates easy dismounting of panels, providing convenient access to services and simplifying maintenance.
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The Sonify Wall Absorbers Grid System is set to offer professionals the tools they need to be more creative with innovative and impactful ceiling design. It is another product within a growing range that exemplifies Zentia’s commitment to creativity and innovation.

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