Every build is going to be different with its own unique set of challenges. In this blog I will share what happened as we started work on our “diamond in the rough’. Ten weeks after planning permission there had been a whirlwind of activity at the site and the home renovation of our bungalow was taking on a new lease of life – the dream was in progress!

The dream in progress
Why the First Month of a Renovation Project is Incredible and Challenging
  1. Firstly, you begin to see the plans that you have only seen on paper begin to come to life. The dream is becoming a reality and it is so exciting! 
Plans for our Home renovation coming to life
Exciting times seeing the plans come to life

2. Secondly, you realise how much work needs to be done! It can be a bit overwhelming at times but luckily we had a great team helping us in the first four weeks when foundations were dug and concrete poured to build the three ground floor extensions. 

Your home becomes a building site during home renovation
Your home becomes a building site!

3. Thirdly, you see how much waste needs to be removed from the site. The biggest challenge in those first few weeks was taking the waste off site and bringing materials down to the bungalow. This is due to the plot being accessed between an extremely narrow driveway situated between two properties. The waste removal for the build added considerable time and cost but we knew from the start that this particular plot came with challenges. You can read more about the plot challenges in my previous renovation blog 

Why Being Flexible is KEY in a Home Renovation Project and to Expect the Unexpected

Month two was when we started to see the biggest transformation.  The extensions were built up to ceiling height with window openings made. All of the internal walls came down apart from a small handful. It’s at this point we could really start to imagine being in the rooms and getting a sense of the views from each window.

The home renovation is coming to life
Amazing to see the new house coming together

It was during this time, we also came across the “unexpected.” Everyone had told us that this would happen at some point.  We thought we had gotten away with it because the bungalow wasn’t a period property, however when the roof came off, the builders discovered not just one roof, but THREE roofs! The time that the builder had allocated to taking the roof off trebled as did the waste removal so this added yet more time and expense. This is something that we could have never planned for!

So many changes in the first two months of a home renovation
So many changes in the first two months of a home renovation
My Top Tips For Managing the First Two Months of Your Home Renovation
  • If you have young children or work full time, make time at the end of each day to go to the site to review what has been done. It will give you peace of mind and give you an opportunity to ask questions or flag issues. It’s also great to see the progress at these early stages.
  • Depending on the age of your children I highly recommend involving them in the journey with you! 
  • “Expect the unexpected” – I cannot stress this enough, and although a bit daunting, it’s all part of the fun! 
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