When visiting interior fairs this last months I have come across Togigi several times, in Milan at the Adorno exhibition at this years Alcova and at the Baranzata ateliers. But I guess my eye first caught their tables when visiting Collectible design in Brussel, see my report here: Brussel 2024.

Togigi is the new Design Atelier by Thomas van Noten and believes design has the power to evoke deep connections: ” It’s the foundation of every piece of furniture we create. Each item balancing on the verge of art, and technology. At our core, we hold a steadfast belief: design possesses the extraordinary ability to forge lasting connections. It serves as the bedrock upon which each furniture design is meticulously crafted. Is it art or science? Fantasy or reality?” I collected a few images of the tables for you to have a look. More info about the tables and the different chairs I showed before at the website of Togigi


TO24GI TI01. Tables

The table with an almost surreal shape is a real masterpiece where the hand of the craftsman and industrial machinery unite to create elegance in one solid piece. This table is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a statement piece that demands attention. As the centerpiece of the room.

Koukaboku ink stick

In Brussel I noticed a small box with Japanese writing on it. It turned out to be an ink stick created from rapeseed oil soot. Koukaboku is the pride of Kobaien. This ink stick was developed by Izumino Jougen’i, the seventh-generation president of the company in Nara. Koukaboku is a superb ink stick has been much loved by many people over the 270 years since it came into being. Togigi directly imports its sticks from their shop in Nara, Japan.


all images by Togigi

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