Tarkett, a global leader in recyclable flooring solutions, is exploring the power of colour at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week (21-23rd May) and is inviting visitors to discover how it can shape our world in meaningful and impactful ways.

The overarching theme, ‘Colour: From Palette to Purpose’ highlights the interconnectedness of colour with sustainability, inclusivity, and design explored through a kaleidoscope of interactive workshops, displays, talks and discussions. 

Reflecting on the rationale behind this year’s direction, Tarkett’s Head of Marketing for UK & Ireland, Mikael Persson, says: “Creating sustainable and inclusive spaces is crucial for promoting environmental responsibility and social equity. Colour plays a significant role in setting the tone, creating a welcoming atmosphere, and reflecting the diversity of users within these spaces.”

Tarkett+Mano de Santo

The day-time programme includes:

Environmentally friendly birdhouse-building – ELVI is a fun and interactive urban birdhouse game that encourages the reuse of materials while promoting hygienic properties and recyclability. Participants can enjoy building birdhouses while learning about the importance of sustainability and the benefits of reusing materials like linoleum.

Human-conscious design VR experiences – This innovative platform is designed to help architects and designers create truly inclusive spaces that prioritise users’ needs and well-being by considering the senses of sight, smell, sound, and touch. With Tarkett’s new VR Platform, you can explore and experience user-centric spaces such as a classroom, an office, and a hospital.

Tarkett is also hosting six free evening speaker sessions featuring special guests from across the industry. 

Design experts headline an interesting talk track, including discussions around the beauty of circularity and colour and emotions in spatial design. A panel debate will also unveil uncomfortable industry truths tackling recycling and reuse in the built environment:

Tuesday 21st May

4-5 PM – ‘Beauty of Circularity’ session with researcher, designer and design commentator, Caroline Till, from creative consultancy, FranklinTill.

6-7 PM – ‘We’re Not Recycling Enough! How Do We Tackle Building Industry Wastefulness?’ panel debate moderated by design and sustainability writer, Katie Treggiden.

Wednesday 22nd May 

4-5 PM – ‘Human Conscious Design Principles’ session with Tarkett’s Shaz Hawkins who is a specialist in the Healthcare, Aged Care and Education Segments

6-7 PM – ‘Emotions and Colours in Spatial Design’ workshop with specialist colour consultancy expert Justine Fox.

Thursday 23rd May 2024

2-3 PM – ‘From an Inner Sanctuary to an Ethereal Multiverse: Colour Trends of 2025+ by NCS Colour’ session with Karl Johan Bertilsson

4-5 PM – ‘Stylib AI Design Recognition’ session with Fabio Galicia demonstrating the capabilities of the material search platform to busy specifiers.

Visit the website to learn more on what’s in store

Tarkett Atelier is based at 47-53 St John Street and was designed in collaboration with Note Design Studio and Area Square. It offers an immersive environment with the latest interior finishes, demonstrating how materials can be used differently to spark inspiration.

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