Danish design powerhouse Vipp revealed its latest guesthouse, a modern oasis nestled between dunes and the sea, in the renowned surfing haven of “Cold Hawaii”.

Nestled amidst the untamed beauty of Thy National Park, a solitary cottage emerges, offering respite in a landscape where sandy dunes meet the vast expanse of the North Sea.

In the remote town of Vangså, with no neighbors in sight, this new guesthouse is a testament to harmonious coexistence with nature.

Aerial view of a modern guesthouse surrounded by dunes near the sea.
Aerial view of the coastline.
A surfer on a dune.
A guesthouse within dunes at Thy National Park in Denmark.

Vangså rests within Thy, Denmark’s largest national park, renowned for its rugged coastal scenery and old fisherman’s cottages.

This stretch of coastline is affectionately known as “Cold Hawaii,” a haven for surfers seeking the thrill of the North Sea’s waves.

Here, local architect studio Hahn Lavsen has reimagined one of these historic cottages into a modern retreat.

When you step out the door, you step into a national park. The sensation of being in a no-mans-land, almost in a moon-landscape strikes you. Like the unspoiled rawness of nature that embraces you upon arrival, the house greets you with an unvarnished straightforwardness.” – Hahn Lavsen

A glass wall show a peek inside the guesthouse and its living room.
A glass wall show a peek inside the guesthouse and its kitchen.
A large wooden door to the house, flanked by glass walls.

The guesthouse, spanning 185 square meters over two floors, offers three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a combined living area and kitchen.

Stepping inside, guests are greeted by a Vipp V3 kitchen, a masterpiece of contemporary design complemented by bespoke oak cabinets.

An aluminum freestanding kitchen with a wooden ceiling.
A peek inside oak cabinets reveals drinkware.

“The landscape is the guiding star and is framed like a giant painting with the glazed gable facing the sea. And centrally positioning Vipp’s V3 metal kitchen as the anchor point in the main space proved vital. It stands almost like an alter from where you can cook to the rhythm of the ocean.” – Interior designer Julie Cloos Mølsgaard

Aluminum kitchen in front of window with views over dunes.
Vipp pedal bin and kitchen accessories.

Vipp’s V3 kitchen, launched in early 2024, shares the same overall principles of its popular V1 design while steering away from the industrial look of black powder-coated steel and ventures in a new direction.

These standalone units are encased in naturally anodized aluminum with vertically extruded profiles that elegantly curve along the corners, imparting a sense of lightness to the metallic sheen.

The kitchen has discreetly integrated handles and a 4-millimeter stainless-steel countertop that gracefully floats above the cabinets.

Details of cabinets made of aluminum with vertically extruded profiles.
Details of cabinets made of aluminum with rounded corners.

A coastal interior design ethos merges seamlessly with Scandinavian aesthetics throughout the guesthouse. Every detail is thoughtfully curated, from the rich upholstery of the dining chairs to the woven cotton curtains in the bathrooms.

“Pursuing a palette of only 5 materials, processed as little as possible, was a guiding design principle in the transformation.” – Hahn Lavsen

Just like the architects, Interior designer Julie Cloos Mølsgaard used a narrow material scheme where wood, metal, glass, stone, and natural woven fibers interweave to create a tailored interior where texture rather than color creates interest and provides a soothing atmosphere. 

Sandy tones and textures echo the nearby beaches and dunes, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Hallway with art on the walls.
Staircase with lime wash walls and brick flooring.
Barn door and glass wall.

Artistry infuses every corner of the guesthouse, with local talents leaving their mark. The “Lineated Luminary” wall carpet by Rasmus Søndergaard Johanssen adds a touch of elegance to the entrance hall, and a ceramic piece by Parisian artist Bénédicte Vallet commands attention at the corridor’s end.

As a nod to the area’s original purpose as farmland, classic stable doors in oak are repeated in every room.

Floors made of exposed brick laid in sand instead of classic mortar pave the way for a refined brutalism and unexpected spatial experience.

Glass walls are another repetitive element, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of the rugged landscapes.

A dining room with a large table and chairs.
A living room with glass walls with views to the dunes.

“I aimed to make the Vipp guesthouse in Cold Hawaii as tranquil and comfortable as possible, creating somewhere guests would want to stay longer and where they could simply relax surrounded by the untamed nature.” – Cloos Mølsgaard

Corner of a living room with glass walls with views to the dunes.
Corner living room with sidetable and table lamp.

Each bedroom exudes tranquility, adorned in subtle textiles and hues that mirror the surrounding landscape.

Custom-made bunk beds offer additional sleeping space, blending functionality with style.

Bunk beds made of oak
Cozy bedroom setup with bed, pillows, and lamp on nightstand.
Mirror against a wall with low white cabinets.
Bed in en suite bedroom with wooden headboard and nightstand.
Floating bathroom vanity in the en suite.
Corner in a bedroom showing a red-painted piece of wood displayed as art on the wall.

In the upper floor en-suite, an atmosphere akin to an art gallery awaits, where the preservation of a beautiful patinated beam from the original house adorns an entire wall, adding a rustic touch to the space.

Artworks by renowned artists Thomas Øvlisen and Frederik Næblerød, among others, infuse the space with cultural richness and visual intrigue.

White bathroom vanity with pedal bin and custom design curtain and barn door.
Bathroom with artfully painted fish on the wall.
White bathroom vanity with decorations.

As guests unwind in this coastal sanctuary, they’re invited to immerse themselves in the beauty of Thy’s natural surroundings.

In this tranquil haven where modern luxury meets rugged wilderness, the allure of “Cold Hawaii” beckons, offering a retreat like no other.

A peek through the living room glass wall reveals a stylish sofa, floor lamp and decoration.
A peek through the bedroom glass wall reveals a comfy bed, nightstand, and wall lamp.
Modern Danish summer house at dawn.
Modern Danish summer house at dawn.

The closest international airport to Vipp Beach House in Cold Hawaii is in Aalborg (AAL), 90 minutes away by car. International arrivals include direct flights from New York City (EWR), London (STN), Amsterdam (AMS), and of course the Danish capital city Copenhagen (CPH).

Price per night from EUR 545. Book your stay here.

The newest addition to Vipp’s portfolio of guesthouses is a stunning coastal oasis, and I find myself longing for the serenity of the sea breeze and the stylish comfort of this modern retreat. I am captivated by the seamless blend of Scandinavian sophistication and coastal charm, and the meticulously crafted details, sandy tones, and minimalist design.

I am eagerly anticipating my next seaside adventure, and the raw beauty of Denmark’s rugged coastline is calling!

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Photos: Courtesy of Vipp

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