Previously I gave you a sneak peek into the beautiful Villa Borsani: A modernist masterpiece – Villa Borsani at Alcova 2024 one of the two villa’s of Alcova 2024. On walking distance at Villa Bagatti Valsecchi, there was even more to see. Different floors filled with design and craft, beautiful staircases, kitchens and long concrete hallways at the basement gave us an impression of the work of the many selected artists from all over the world brought together for Alcova 2024.

I attended the opening a day early, which gave me the opportunity to even have some of the rooms all by myself. In the coming week I hope to show you some more of the different exhibitions that caught my eye at villa Bagatti Valsecchi in a few posts.



Victoria Yakusha – Skarb

I previously introduced Ukrainian artist Victoria Yakusha of Faina on the blog through different exhibitions and by showing their Antwerp showroom. She is a true pioneer of  the ‘living minimalism’ movement and an architect and designer. It was a pleasure meeting her again while enjoying drinks at the terrace in the beautiful garden behind that surrounded the villa.

At Alcova she presented her new collection: Skarb, the Ukrainian word for treasure. A limited collection of vases decorated with decorated with unique polychrome topazes. Polychrome topazes are rare natural gems which can only be found on the territory of the Volyn deposit in Ukraine. These extraordinary gems can contain two or even three color transitions in one crystal which enhance the extraordinary beauty and recognizability of these minerals.

The exhibition also features the Korotun Table, evoking the silhouette of a Cossack gull boat, alongside the Domna Armchair, dedicated to the Trypillian Venus. Visitors are invited to reflect on the true meaning of treasure and its enduring significance in shaping our past, present, and future.


Images ©vosgesparis
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