Artist Patricia Larsen picks up and moves just about every six years. “I have a really restless spirit and I’m quite fearless,” she tells us. Plus, she likes a project.

When we last caught up with Patricia over a decade ago, she had recently relocated to Baja, Mexico, from Vancouver BC, where she raised her daughters, Janaki and Klee Larsen. The two are also artists and, like their mother, among the most inventive interior stylists we know (scroll to the end for Larsen family inspiration).

Mexico suits Patricia: she loves the people, the plants, the roving dogs, and the year-round growing season. After Pescadero, she created a home in San Miguel de Allende, where she’s in the process of opening the latest incarnation of the Larsen Studio Gallery, devoted to showcasing Patricia’s paintings, furniture, and clothing designs; Janaki’s ceramics; and Klee’s photography. Patricia, meanwhile, has since relocated an hour northeast to the quiet old mining town of Mineral de Pozos.

Early in the pandemic, she bought a much lived-in, approximately 300-year-old casa in the center of Pozos. During the transaction, she encouraged the sellers to take any parts of the house that they could use for the ranch they were building. That left her with a roofless skeleton that she happily spent the last two years making her own. Join us for a tour.

Photography by Patricia Larsen and Janaki Larsen.

a street dog patricia calls gramps often sleeps by the front door (note the pre 17
Above: A street dog Patricia calls Gramps often sleeps by the front door (note the previous owner’s name etched in the brick). In the morning and eve, Patricia fills bowls outside her entry with water and dog food, and Gramps is one of several regular visitors.
in her home studio (formerly a literal pig sty), patricia wears one of her limi 18
Above: In her home studio (formerly a literal pig sty), Patricia wears one of her limited-edition tunics—”I find the fabric first and that informs what I want to make.” Women in her neighborhood sew Patricia’s designs and she does the final detailing.

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