Today, pets are considered just as important as any other family member, the hospitality industry in Asia has finally stepped up to welcome our furry companions with open arms. Gone are the days when travelers had to leave their beloved pets behind – today, there are a growing number of luxury hotels across Asia and Dubai that are redefining the meaning of “pet-friendly.”

The MICHELIN Guide, the renowned arbiter of fine dining and exceptional accommodations, has highlighted several hotels in Asia that have gone above and beyond to cater to the needs of discerning pet owners. From dedicated pet floors and custom-designed amenities to gourmet pet menus and personalized services, these hotels are pulling out all the stops to ensure that both human and canine (or feline) guests enjoy a truly pampering experience.

Unleashing Pampered Experiences

From bespoke pet menus and dedicated photographers to Ayurveda spa sessions and personalized dog-walking services, these hotels have spared no effort in catering to the needs of discerning pet owners. Imagine your pup indulging in a special dining experience at The Peninsula Tokyo, complete with a dog-friendly menu and a complimentary birthday cake. Or picture your feline friend basking in the lavish comforts of a custom-designed cat bed at The Murray, Hong Kong, a Niccolo Hotel.

These establishments understand that our pets are not mere accessories, but beloved members of the family deserving of the utmost care and attention. By offering tailored amenities and experiences, they have elevated the concept of pet-friendly accommodations to new heights, redefining the travel landscape for discerning pet owners.

Destinations Embracing the Paw-Some Life

The MICHELIN Guide’s selection of pet-friendly hotels spans across Asia, showcasing the region’s diverse landscape and cultural offerings. In Singapore, the lush green oasis of Capella Singapore on Sentosa Island beckons with its Ayurveda Pet Spa sessions and exclusive Addiction Pet Foods welcome packs. Meanwhile, in Dubai, the grandeur of Jumeirah Zabeel Saray on the Palm Jumeirah promises an “Ultimate Petcation” with up to 40% savings, pet-friendly rooms, and access to a dedicated dog park.

Venture to Taiwan, where Kimpton Da An Taipei welcomes furry companions of all shapes and sizes, catering to their needs with plush pet beds and concierge recommendations for nearby pet-friendly spots. Seoul’s L’Escape Hotel takes the pampering to new levels, offering a luxurious pet-friendly floor with amenities like premium pet strollers and Dyson air purifiers.

The list goes on, with hotels in Malaysia, Thailand, and Abu Dhabi all vying for the title of Asia’s most pet-friendly haven. From lush jungle retreats to urban oases, these MICHELIN-recommended accommodations have firmly established themselves as the go-to destinations for discerning pet owners seeking unforgettable adventures with their four-legged friends.

Indulgent Amenities and Services

The attention to detail at these pet-friendly hotels is truly remarkable. From dedicated pet-friendly floors and custom-designed accommodations to specialized menus and grooming services, no aspect of the guest experience has been overlooked.

Many hotels, like Jumeirah Zabeel Saray in Dubai, offer “Ultimate Petcation” packages that include luxurious pet-friendly rooms, access to a nearby dog park, and even exclusive beachside access. Meanwhile, The Peninsula Tokyo delights discerning pet owners with a Pampered Pet Package, which features a private dining experience and a complimentary birthday cake for the four-legged guest of honor.

Going beyond the basics, properties like L’Escape Hotel in Seoul provide premium pet strollers, Dyson air purifiers, and even the opportunity to schedule a professional photoshoot for your furry companion. This level of personalization and attention to detail truly sets these hotels apart, ensuring that both you and your pet feel utterly pampered and catered to.

Embracing the Local Culture

While the luxurious amenities are undoubtedly impressive, these pet-friendly hotels also seamlessly integrate the rich cultural tapestry of their respective destinations. In Singapore, Capella Singapore on Sentosa Island offers Ayurveda-inspired pet spa treatments, drawing inspiration from the country’s vibrant wellness traditions.

Elsewhere, properties like Temple Tree Langkawi in Malaysia cater to guests’ desires to explore the great outdoors with their pets, providing access to nearby beaches and lush greenery. Similarly, V Villas Hua Hin in Thailand offers the Pawcation package, allowing dogs of all sizes to stay for free and indulge in the resort’s private pools and pristine beachfront.

By weaving in local experiences and embracing the natural landscapes of their surroundings, these hotels create a truly immersive and authentic travel experience for pet owners, allowing them to connect with the destination in a meaningful way while keeping their furry friends by their side.

Capella Singapore: Ayurveda Spa Sessions and Paw-some Pampering
Nestled on the lush Sentosa Island in Singapore, Capella Singapore embraces pet-friendly hospitality with its “Pet Spacation” package. Guests can indulge their four-legged friends with an Ayurveda Pet Spa session, complete with two-way transport to the Petpawroni salon and a complimentary Addiction Pet Foods welcome pack. The hotel’s sprawling green spaces and proximity to pet-friendly eateries make it an ideal urban oasis for both humans and their furry companions.

Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Dubai: Lap of Luxury for Pets
Dubai is renowned for its opulent hotels, and Jumeirah Zabeel Saray on the Palm Jumeirah is no exception. This palatial retreat embraces pet-friendly luxury with its “Ultimate Petcation” package, offering up to 40% savings, exclusive pet-friendly rooms, access to the private beach, and even a dedicated dog park nearby. Pets can indulge in the lap of luxury alongside their human counterparts.

Kimpton Da An Taipei, Taiwan: A Home Away from Home
Kimpton Hotels, with their roots in California, have become a global favorite for their pet-friendly policies. At Kimpton Da An Taipei, pets of all shapes and sizes (up to two per room) are welcome without any additional charges. Guests can enjoy plush pet-bed loaners and helpful concierge tips for nearby pet-friendly spots, ensuring their furry friends feel right at home.

L’Escape Hotel, Seoul: Pawsome Pampering and Photoshoots
In the heart of Seoul, L’Escape Hotel offers a truly lavish experience for pet owners. The hotel’s dedicated pet-friendly floor features wooden flooring, plush pet beds, and even stairs for easy access to furniture. Guests can also rent premium pet strollers from AirBuggy and indulge in exclusive Dyson products to maintain a pristine environment. For the ultimate treat, pet owners can book a professional photoshoot for their furry companions before the offer expires in March 2024.

The Murray, Hong Kong: Bespoke Amenities for Canine and Feline Guests
Hong Kong’s pet-friendly landscape has been rapidly evolving, and The Murray, Hong Kong, a Niccolo Hotel, has been at the forefront of this trend. The hotel welcomes up to two dogs or cats per room, with a personalized setup that includes water bowls, plush beds, and even doggie diapers for canine guests and cozy cat beds and litter for feline friends.

The Peninsula Tokyo, Japan: Pampered Pups and Posh Pooches
Tokyo’s bustling streets and lush green spaces make it an enticing destination for pet owners, and The Peninsula Tokyo offers a luxurious escape for those traveling with their furry companions. Welcoming pups up to 15kg, the hotel provides suite accommodations with Peninsula Page dog uniforms, branded dog beds, and complimentary dog walking services. Guests can also indulge their pets with a special dining experience in one of the hotel’s private rooms, complete with a dog-friendly menu and a birthday cake.

Temple Tree Langkawi, Malaysia: Embracing Nature and Pets
Nestled in the lush surroundings of Langkawi, Malaysia, Temple Tree Langkawi is one of the few pet-friendly hotels in the area, offering a unique and plush option for those seeking to indulge their pets in a heritage-meets-nature setting. Pets can make the most of the nearby beaches and verdant foliage within the resort.

V Villas Hua Hin, Thailand: An Oasis for Pets and Their Owners
Thailand is renowned for its warm hospitality, and V Villas Hua Hin in Hua Hin, one of the country’s up-and-coming fashionable destinations, is no exception. With the Pawcation package, dogs of all sizes and breeds can stay for free (one per villa), making it an oasis for both pets and their owners. Furry guests can enjoy complimentary pet bowls and the resort’s proximity to the pristine beach.

W Abu Dhabi – Yas Island, United Arab Emirates: Pets Treated Like Royalty
The UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi, is a playground for the elite, and W Abu Dhabi – Yas Island is one of the few luxury properties that welcomes pets with open arms. Trained animals up to 18kg are allowed in the rooms, with the hotel’s “PAW” (pets are welcome) policy ensuring that every guest, regardless of species, experiences the epitome of indulgence.

Redefining the Meaning of Hospitality

The rise of pet-friendly luxury hotels in Asia signifies a profound shift in the hospitality industry’s approach to catering to the modern traveler. No longer are pets seen as an afterthought or an inconvenience; they are now embraced as integral members of the family, deserving of the same exceptional care and attention as their human counterparts.

The fast-growing demand for pet-inclusive travel experiences at these MICHELIN-listed hotels have not only set a new standard for hospitality, but they have also tapped into the emotional bond between humans and their furry companions. They have truly created a new and untapped travel landscape that celebrates the joy and enrichment that our pets bring to our lives, fostering a deeper sense of connection and well-being for all.

As Asia’s hospitality landscape continues to evolve, it’s clear that the needs of modern travelers extend beyond just sustainability and wellness – they also include catering to the beloved members of the family who happen to have four legs and a wagging tail. These MICHELIN-recommended hotels have set a new standard for pet-friendly luxury, ensuring that no one, human or furry, is left behind on the journey of discovery across Asia.

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