Dezeen Showroom: New York-based Japanese designer Nao Tamura looked to the craft of kimono making to inform the Origata bench and console, created for Italian furniture brand Porro.

The Origata collection is made of aluminium sheet material that has been cut and assembled based on the techniques used to make kimonos, which sees fabric cut in straight lines and sewn together.

Origata collection by Nao Tamura for Porro
Both pieces in the collection are supported by angular legs

This technique produces little to no waste, which is partly why Tamura was drawn to use the approach for the collection, as it maximises material use.

A bench and a console make constitute the collection, both of which share the same essential shape – an austere geometric form softened by its cultural and craft-related origins.

Origata collection by Nao Tamura for PorroOrigata collection by Nao Tamura for Porro
The Origata bench is made in a similar way to Japanese kimonos

The pieces embody Porro and Tamura’s shared values, including cultural identity, internationality and respect for materials.

The brand suggests the pieces make a good fit for waiting rooms, entryways or bedrooms, and can help to define dedicated areas for work, meditation or writing.

Product details:

Product: Origata
Designer: Nao Tamura
Brand: Porro
Contact: [email protected]

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