A green-grey kitchen and green-grey walls in a small Swedish home

A light grey shaker kitchen and a sage green bedroom

An off-white kitchen and a warm interior color palette

A dark grey kitchen and dark grey living room walls

A beige farmhouse kitchen and a mix of vintage furniture pieces

A studio apartment with a loft bed built on top of a home office

Cream walls in the living room paired with eggshell bedroom walls

A bright blue bedroom in an apartment with a dark wood floor

A dark blue kitchen, living room, and bedroom in a unique historic flat

An attic apartment with dark grey floors and a neutral decor

A dark grey kitchen and dark grey bedroom walls

Salmon living room walls paired with a green bedroom

Sage green walls and a limewash accent wall in the bedroom

A modern grey kitchen with brass hardware in a flat with a glass partition

A dark oak kitchen in a beautifully renovated attic apartment

A greige shaker kitchen and beautiful red tones in a cozy Swedish flat

Light grey walls and subtle decor in a historic flat with light flooring

Walnut kitchen cabinets in a compact flat with beige walls

A small open-plan apartment with a black accent wall

A classic white interior with an impressive bookshelf around the bedroom doorway

An eclectic Swedish villa with farmhouse elements and a playful color palette

A dark grey shaker kitchen and a blue sofa in a historic flat with light grey walls

A playful Swedish flat with a pink entryway and blue bedroom wallpaper

Pale green kitchen cabinets and light grey limewash walls

A blue bedroom with a blue wardrobe and a breakfast nook in the kitchen

An attic apartment with white walls and delicate, neutral decor

A living kitchen with white walls and natural decor pieces

A grey shaker kitchen with a breakfast nook and a dark grey bedroom

A green-grey kitchen with a window seat and a grey bedroom

A blue shaker kitchen and a green bedroom wallpaper

Light grey walls and subtle red tones in a one-bedroom apartment

A white shaker kitchen with a classic floral wallpaper and a pink interior decor

White plank floors and a cozy sage green living room

A one-bedroom apartment with a bed nook and a white kitchen

A cozy light palette room with a custom bookshelf around the living room door

A cozy Swedish flat with unique vintage furniture pieces

A light grey kitchen, subtle decor, and a floral bedroom wallpaper

Sage green living room walls and a dark grey bedroom in a stylish apartment

Accent colors against beige and grey walls in a cozy historic apartment

Small apartment with a green kitchen and a pink bedroom ceiling

A one-bedroom apartment with blue-black walls and wallpaper in the black kitchen

A luxurious historic apartment renovation with an impressive marble kitchen

Sage green living room walls, an accent wallpaper wall, and a light grey kitchen

A white shaker kitchen and light blue walls in a one-bedroom apartment

A natural palette interior with an arched bedroom doorway

A small studio home with a tiny light grey kitchen

Light grey living room walls paired with a dusty pink bedroom wall color

A blue living kitchen paired with a pink bedroom in a historic home

A minimal interior with a dark-stained oak kitchen and a green bedroom

A modernized attic home with a natural oak kitchen and a glass partition