Mushroom columns made of latticed steel support the large canopy above the Metropolitan Station in Lublin, Poland, completed by architecture studio Tremend.

The bus and rail hub is located alongside Lublin’s 19th-century Central Railway Station and designed by Tremend as a modern contrast to this historic structure.

“[The] simple, modernist pavilion is intended to contrast with the eclectic, historical style of the Central Railway Station while remaining unchallenging of it, thanks to its clearly different architectural language,” said the studio.

Exterior view of the Metropolitan Station in Lublin by Tremend
Tremend has created the Metropolitan Station in Lublin

Metropolitan Station in Lublin forms part of a wider development called the Integrated Transportation Centre that will connect the city’s urban, regional and national transport systems.

The building is housed in a glazed volume, surrounded by the large steel columns that support the overhanging canopy.

Within this glazed volume sits a second, described by the studio as a “box in a box”, containing further waiting rooms and cafe spaces.

Columns outside Metropolitan Station in Lublin by TremendColumns outside Metropolitan Station in Lublin by Tremend
It is animated by mushroom columns made of latticed steel. Photo by Alek Malachowski

The interstitial space between these two boxes contains seating areas, as well as escalators and a block of toilets at either end of the building.

Together, the largely glazed structure and open latticework of its columns is intended to create an “air of lightness” for the building.

Central Railway Station in LublinCentral Railway Station in Lublin
The building is designed to contrast the adjacent 19th-century railway station. Photo by Alek Malachowski

“The distinct openwork pillars that are part of the steel structure of the railway station and the platform canopy roofs that also serve a decorative function give it its unique architectural expression,” said the studio.

“Their linear, somewhat organic forms are reminiscent of intertwined tree trunks, giving an air of lightness to the entire edifice,” it added.

The overhanging roof shelters a drop-off area at the front of the station, while a series of steel canopies with butterfly roofs provide cover for 43 bus stands.

As part of the project, the nearby city square was also updated with green spaces and connecting roads to improve traffic flow.

Exterior of Metropolitan Station in Lublin by Tremend at nightExterior of Metropolitan Station in Lublin by Tremend at night
Its interior is enclosed by glass walls

The Integrated Transportation Centre project is intended to be one of the most sustainable of its kind in Poland, which led to the introduction of several strategies for the Metropolitan Station.

Its glass structure and canopies incorporate photovoltaic cells, while a greywater system harvests rainwater to be used for irrigation of the surrounding landscaping and in the station’s toilets.

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The photography is by Rafal Chojnacki unless stated otherwise.

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