Dezeen Showroom: the extractor fan appears almost invisible in the CombiCookTop V4000 I804, a refined induction hob by Swiss brand V-Zug.

The CombiCookTop V4000 I804 is one of V-Zug’s most state-of-the-art products, with a design that is sleek and minimalist while incorporating several advanced cooking functions.

CombiCookTop V4000 I804 by V-Zug
The CombiCookTop V4000 I804 has an integrated extractor fan

The hob sits flush with the worktop, and the applicance is simplified down to its essential forms, appearing as an elegant dark glass surface when not in use.

When in use, the hob features V-Zug’s ZoneFlex technology to detect and adapt to the size and shape of the cookware that is placed on it, addressing a common frustration with induction cooktops.

CombiCookTop V4000 I804 by V-ZugCombiCookTop V4000 I804 by V-Zug
The extractor fan removes steam and smoke before it can rise

The integrated extractor fan sits in the middle of the cooktop, appearing as a simple rectangular cutout but acting efficiently to stop steam, smoke and odours before they can rise upwards.

The CombiCookTop V4000 I804 is shallow in depth and comes with flexible ducting options, making it easy to install and ensuring the space underneath can be used for storage.

Product details:

Product: CombiCookTop V4000 I804
Brand: V-Zug
Contact: [email protected]

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