With the recent granting of the King’s new Royal Warrant to a select few companies, West Sussex based bed linen manufacturer Heirlooms were honoured to be one such recipient.

The award is a reflection of more than 14 years of Heirlooms collaboration and encouragement with their supply chain, to make continual improvements in their practices. Through measuring their carbon foot print they have collectively been able to make reductions through making environmental and sustainable practises the centre of their companies’ ethos.

Thread count still remains largely ambiguous and it is therefore difficult to measure the quality on the High-Street, the same cannot be said for a specialist company like Heirlooms. Their knowledge of the yarn source, its characteristics, long or extra-long stable, length of fibres, micronaire (you heard it here first!) and stretch ensures the fabrics selected are suitable for their application. That starts the sustainability chain in manufacturing products with longevity, thereby reducing waste and the need to replace items as often which therefore leads to a sounder investment by all involved.

Heirlooms are honoured to be the manufacturer for many of the world’s leading interior designers and a growing private clientele.

www.heirlooms-linens.com | IG: @heirloomslinens

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