The Southern Sweden county of Skåne where I live is known for its flat land and steady wind – which is why you’ll spot so many windmills! Although the majority are no longer in working order, some have been transformed into year-round dwellings – like this one!

Nestled in the countryside near Höganäs (see my travel guide here), this beautiful four-storey windmill is currently for sale – and when you see inside you might just be joining the queue to be the next owner! The windmill has been lovingly restored to ensure many of the original features are still intact, while the furnishings have been artfully placed around the angled walls to create a cosy home. 

Shall we take a peek inside? 

So lovely! It would be so fun to be able to invite people over and welcome them inside your very own windmill, don’t you think? 

You can currently see the full tour and find out more details over at Nadjafi Kirstensen here. 

This is the perfect opportunity to take a tour of some other unusual dwellings today, don’t you think? 

Check out homes inside a former….

It might not be a windmill, but if you’re visiting Skåne, you can stay in your very own tower just outside Malmö. 

Do you live in an unusual property? Or perhaps you dream of living in one? If so, do tell below, we’d love to hear more! 

Happy Wednesday! 

PS Per and I are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary tomorrow – it’s crazy how quickly the time has passed. I understand that it’s our ‘crystal’ anniversary. Any ideas for a fun present (yes, left it a little late….). Our neighbour’s cat is called Crystal, but I have a feeling that might not work for many reasons. 

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