For Rebekah Peppler, entertaining isn’t a special-occasion endeavor. The Paris-based food and drinks writer, whose new South-of-France-focused book, Le Sud, is out on April 23, frequently hosts dinner parties at the Montmartre apartment she shares with her partner. Though the one-bedroom place is small, it boasts a generous balcony that spans the entire length of the home—a perfect spot for l’heure de l’apéro (the French tradition of happy hour) with friends.

“It looks out over the city,” Rebekah says. “Because we’re on this hill—and Paris doesn’t have a lot of them—we get a vantage point you don’t often get here. We get to see all of those beautiful chimneys popping up and blue roofs and, of course, the Eiffel Tower is there as well. It’s a very special view. I feel very lucky to have it. And it works out well for entertaining in nice weather.”

Inside, too, Rebekah has furnished the compact space with gatherings in mind. She sourced an oversized vintage marble tabletop that can seat six guests comfortably (eight to ten, if diners are willing to squeeze) and she converted a vintage dresser into a bar for displaying bottles and storing hosting essentials. She also identified all the elements of her home, from her fireplace mantel to her tulip-shaped nightstands to her Dutch ovens, that can double as party tools when people come over. The result is a seemingly effortless soirée every time.

Here, Rebekah shares her eight best tips for entertaining, no matter how small the space.

Photography by Joann Pai from À Table: Recipes for Cooking and Eating the French Way by Rebekah Peppler (Chronicle Books) unless noted.

1. Source a multifunctional dining table.

despite the petite size of the living room, a big dining table was a must have  17
Above: Despite the petite size of the living room, a big dining table was a must-have for Rebekah, who found this oval-shaped, solid marble surface on Craigslist and set it atop a modest wood base. Photograph by Cindy Nixon.
&#8\2\20;prioritizing a large dining table has always been important to me  18
Above: “Prioritizing a large dining table has always been important to me in any space that I’m in,” Rebekah says. “I love to host. I love to have people over. And the only way to make it work in a smaller space, for me, at least, is to also use it as a desk.” Photograph via @rebekahpeppler.

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