Easter in Sweden is a big event. Although the country is largely secular, the holiday offers a perfect excuse for families to gather in the spring sunshine (hopefully), eat some herring, egg based delicies and of course sing songs while downing akvavit! Afterwards, egg rolling is likely to take place in the village and if the children are lucky – the ‘Påskhare’ (Easter bunny) might just pay a visit and hide large paper eggs filled with sweets. 

But let’s rewind. Before the big event, there’s decorating to be done! The leaves haven’t yet unfurled in Sweden, instead birch twigs are decorated with brightly coloured feathers or hung with decorative eggs. You might also see a witch on her broomstick in the window (Swedish legend has it that witches fly off to Blåkulla on Good Friday before returning on Påskafton (Easter Eve). And on Maundy Thursday, you might just receive a visit from a little witch with rosy cheeks and freckles, asking for sweets. You’ve been warned! 

Whether you believe in witches or not, why not decorate your home and the table with some pretty Scandinavian inspired Easter touches. Here are eight display ideas – from minimalist to maximalist! 

1 & 2. This pretty display above by Nordic stories mixes flowers with eggs for a delicate table setting (first picture and above). 
3. Swedish paper eggs don’t need to be simple – as Ingrid Wenell shows with her dried flower and ribbon DIY idea on Lovely Life. 

4. Don’t forget to stock up on carrots, in case the easter bunny shows up! I love this edible display idea created by Céleste Bouchayer and captued by Louis Gaillard for Marie Claire.  

5. Feeling dextrous? Cracked eggs filled with delicate spring flowers look so pretty hung from branches. 

6. Paper honeycombe eggs also look lovely hung from a branch as seen in this pictures via My Life From Home. I’ve seen similar eggs in H&M Home. 
7. In the mood for some serious DIY decorating? This flower and egg display from Metro Mode is beautiful! See the step by step guide here. 
8. or why not go all out with eggs, flowers, paper decor and anything else you can find like Miss Kitten Heart – for a centrepiece that will put a smile on everyone’s face! 

So pretty! I particularly love the edible carrot idea and the flowers in eggs. Is there anything you might try this year? Looking at these pictures, do you feel like a decorating minimalist or maximalist? 

And do you have any unusual easter traditions in your country? If so, please share as I’d love to hear about them. 

If you’d like to see more decorating ideas, check out: 

I’ll be taking a short break over the easter holiday and back Tuesday 2nd April. I hope you have a relaxing week! 


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