DIY Mother’s Day gifts for every skill level and budget.

Roundup image of 6 DIY ideas for Mother's Day in home decor and fashion categoriesRoundup image of 6 DIY ideas for Mother's Day in home decor and fashion categories

If you’re looking for a last minute Mother’s Day gift, I have an idea…What if you make one, instead of buying something? I’m not taking about the cheesy gift ideas that you’re picturing right now. I mean DIY Mother’s Day gifts that she’ll actually love (and keep for a long time too).

I put together a list really cute DIY gifts for Mom, for every budget and skill level. So, if you’re thinking about making something, click through for thoughtful (and cool) Mother’s Day gift ideas…

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Do you remember the days when Mother’s Day meant a (relatively ugly) hand painted mug with the words “World’s Best Mom” wrapped around it or a little hand print turned flower card on a piece of colorful construction paper?

I do! And as bad as those gifts might have been when we were kids, the sweet sentiment was there – here Mom, I made this for you.

And that’s something I’d love to bring back this year…only not so ugly.

So, to step up those handmade gifts, and give Mom something she’ll actually want, I put together a list of DIY Mother’s Day gifts that I’m pretty sure will be a hit this year.

Whether you’re looking for a unique gift for a cook, a new beach tote, or a simple card and DIY  bouquet to gift, I’ve got lots of thoughtful DIY ideas that don’t skimp on style. 

Roundup of DIY gifts that all feature home decor giftsRoundup of DIY gifts that all feature home decor gifts

1. If you know your mom’s favorite scent, what about making her a candle or two? I have a tutorial for how to make soy candles that’s easy to follow. And the best part is, you can use any vessel you want. So it’s a way to further customize the gift to mom. I used handmade pottery from a local ceramics studio for these.

2. Or what about customizing DIY summer accessories, like a bandana, water bottle, even shoes. I used my Cricut to create custom patterns on store bought items and I think they turned out pretty cute.

3. These photo transfer dolls would be such a cute Mother’s Day gift. It’s from The House that Lars Built.

4. Thinking of making a bouquet of flowers for Mom this year? Check out these flower arrangement ideas plus 8 tips for arranging flowers – straight from a florist.

5. I love these sculptural planters from Fall for DIY – for all the plant moms. I would love it someone made me one of these for Mother’s Day.

6. Make a vase out of a plastic bottle for Mom? Yep! That’s what I’m saying – because they look amazing. Don’t you think? I would never know these were once plastic bottles. This project is by Geneva Vanderzeil of Collective Gen.

Fashion and beauty images that are DIY gift ideas for Mother's DayFashion and beauty images that are DIY gift ideas for Mother's Day

7. Love the idea of making these DIY sewn leather pouches as a Mother’s Day gift, since they’re super functional and also super cute. You can even paint or dye them for a more custom look.

8. If your mom can pull of a DIY statement necklace like this one, I want to meet her. And if a hand design is a bit much, you can always change the shape but keep the technique the same.

9. Who couldn’t use a little stay-at-home spa day every once in a while. Make these DIY rose petal bath salts and place them in a cute jar for the occasion.

10. Can’t go wrong with this gorgeous raw stone earring set from Alice and Lois.

11. This DIY bathtub caddy from The Merrythought would be a sweet way to give your mom a reason to take a little time for herself.

12. The best DIY Mother’s Day gift could be as simple as painting glass vases with a cool pattern. It’s really easy and I have a trick that will make it even easier. Click over to see what I mean.

Unique Mother's Day DIY ideas that include home decor and fashion related giftsUnique Mother's Day DIY ideas that include home decor and fashion related gifts

13. Have an art lover in the family? I love art too, so I put together 6 DIY art ideas (all in one post) that you can make in just an hour or two.

14. These DIY trinket dishes are great for jewelry and small things like keys. Super easy to make and just a few supplies.

15. Does your mom love the sun and the beach? Check out this pair of the raffia pom pom sandals from Honestly WTF

16. The pretty plaster cheeseboards from Sugar and Cloth might catch her eye if she likes to entertain.

17. I love this DIY for the moms who like to spend her time in the kitchen. DIY finger-crochet pot holders – no tools and very little time required.

18. Pretty sure I would give these DIY statement tassels as gifts for every occasion. They can be used as luggage tags, purse accessories, door hangers, etc.

Decor, fashion, and beauty gift ideas, featuring pastel colorsDecor, fashion, and beauty gift ideas, featuring pastel colors

19. Okay, 10 minute yarn bowls? What’s not to love. If you ahem  sewing machine, you can crank out a whole set of these bowls in under an hour.

20. Idk if it’s just me, but I honestly love getting textiles (napkins, tea towels, etc) as gifts. So I thought these bleached linens would be a cute Mother’s Day gift.

21. For the plant-loving mom, there’s this pastel set of DIY mini planters for succulents and cacti.

22. Another spa idea….these aromatherapy shower steamer tablets sound like they’d be amazing! The DIY is over on Hello Glow.

23. Learn how to make cute clay earrings made of polymer with several jewelry techniques. These have been a very popular tutorial for the last couple of years.

24. Create some new artwork – no not the finger paint kind – with these super simple DIY art hack.

Roundup of gifts for Mom, like DIY cards and home decorRoundup of gifts for Mom, like DIY cards and home decor

25. Herbal bath salts for the win, from Hello Glow.

26. Is Mom a hat lady? Snag her a cool one and dress it up with fresh flowers, like this DIY flower hat for summer.

27. When one card isn’t nearly enough there’s this Mother’s Day Message Mail DIY idea!

28. Make your own hand-stamped jewelry DIY with inside jokes, nicknames, etc.

29. Stitch up some DIY fabric cocktail napkins to help up her hostess game.

30. Skip the card section at Target and go for a handmade card like this printable Mother’s Day card from Almost Makes Perfect.

Fashion and home decor images for Mother's DayFashion and home decor images for Mother's Day

31. If you happen to have a Cricut, I have some Mother’s Day Cricut ideas that can be used for so many different things.

32. The tutorial for how to make a DIY basket bag would be perfect for the mom that loves vacation and the beach.

33. Go for a DIY copper hair accessory to keep her mom hair looking super trendy.

34. Do you know a mom that really likes to cook? This DIY cutting board would be such a great gift. You’ll need a little experience with power tools, but it’s definitely a beginner (or intermediate at most) project to try.

35. Fill up a DIY concrete vase with her favorite blooms.

36. Instead of splurging on an expensive new handbag, why not make her a custom fold-over clutch in her favorite colors or patterns?

37. If it’s still a little chilly where your mom lives, a DIY poncho wrap scarf would be a gift that she can put to use right away. And cute too! You might be surprised how easy this project is!

38. Know someone that loves to cook and is constantly in the kitchen? Order a potholder loom for less than $20 an make some really cool potholders, like the ones I’ve been making recently with hand-dyed loom loops.

39. Whip up a new bag for mom with this tutorial for how to make a leather purse. I know mine is colorful, but you could just as easily do a super muted / neutral one.

40. Earrings are always a sweet option. Make DIY earrings quickly and easily (that are still cute).

41. Or learn how to carve wood to make tiny wooden bowls – great for jewelry.

42. And last but not least, these cricut leather projects are some of my faves if you have one of their cutting machines.

Which gift ideas from the list are your faves? Are you planning to go the DIY route for Mother’s Day this year?





















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