Every year as Father’s Day nears, the Remodelista core team convenes to share our hopes, plans, and pipe dreams. And then we end up saying, “Hmmm, what do you think is on Myles’s list?” Long-time contributor Myles Tipley (@myles.henry.tipley), you see, is the coolest dad we know—and one of the busiest (which is why you haven’t heard from him here in a while).

Myles and his partner, Lindsey Tipley (@djlindsey ), are both DJs. They have a young son and daughter, and relocated from Brooklyn to Atlanta several years ago. Myles is former design blogger and full-time aesthete who ferrets out the fresh and exciting from so many worlds and price points.

And so, when we come calling at the last minute—as we have now annually—Myles always delights us with an off-the-top-of-his head wish list. Here, the latest in his words. For the perusing pleasure alone, we should all send Myles a present!

i missed these the first time around but thankfully the guys at adsum just re r 17
Above: I missed these the first time around but thankfully the guys at ADSUM just re-released the Debut CONNEX DCB41 Speakers, $649, that they created with German audio brand ELAC. Incredible sound quality for the money and such an aesthetically pleasing pair.
such a good looking stainless steel sconce by alvaro ucha rodriguez for lichen; 18
Above: Such a good-looking stainless steel Sconce by Alvaro Ucha Rodriguez for Lichen; $149. The best part is it won’t be a job for dad: no wiring, just hang that thing on the wall and you’re set. As the years click by, I prefer more and more indirect lighting if you know what I mean.
these prints are great for the sports dad. i’m a huge basketball fan, bu 19
Above: These prints are great for the sports dad. I’m a huge basketball fan, but I find it really tough to have any sports-related art or collectibles out in the house without it looking kind of man cave-ish. But these digital prints by Bradley Robert Wade fill the bill. I’d opt for “God’s Son” of Anthony Mason, one of my childhood favorites. It’s currently marked down to $15 from $60, and there are tons of other great options.

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